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She's an excuse CLOWN

I paid for a week then she offered a free week. The last 3 days she had as rp stated 5 losing trades. She explained 3 away, by saying that in her course she "DOES NOT TEACH THOSE ENTRIES SINCE THEY ARE AGGRESSIVE STYLE, SHE ONLY TEACHES CONSERVATIVE TRADES" She states she only calls them to give more trades to her paying trading room clients. Ok, that makes since to me...NOT......she calls trades that are first wave trades that have a low rate of break-out or follow through (Notes: she does not say that her aggressive trades are first wave trades, but my wave counting software from BBT has matched her on all trades but 1. Her so-called conservative trades I think are 3rd wave trades, which have a higher rate of success-near 70-80%. I really do not care about losses, as long as they are to plan. The issue I have is not make excusses for loses, and take ownership of them in the room on those trades she didn't do saying that I only call aggressive trades so the trading room has trades.....that to me is just stupid, then just explain them away that she does not call them in the training room. It just lacks the usual trading room crediability that most rooms do not have...I will add her to my list. Now for those you you have no problem with that then good for you.....but I want to spend my money on a trading rooms transparency, and I said losses are a true reality....just don't make excuses....I really like honesty....and that is where I will spend my hard earned money....not excuses.

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Just my 2 cents.... I signed up (and paid) for the trial and as I forgot about the recurring payment I'm in for another month. Am I impressed? No. A trade room that does not place live trades in front of your eyes leaves room for evasive arguments. I have seen her calling 2 NQ long trades at the end of a ralley into supply zone which both lost and I wonder why somebody would do that and on the other hand ignore the very profitable ralley prior to that. At another time I missed a short trade she did not call but suddenly showed up. I asked and she said bluntly I should pay attention as she had mentioned earlier that she "might consider" such trade. Well, without stop order placed in advance there would have been no chance to get into that trade as it was a fast moving break out. And the constant propaganda that she can't tell why she took a trade because those secrets you will all learn in the trading course is not appropriate for a trading room people pay for. And "this is a risky trade our course members would not take", so why does she initiate that in the trading room?. Again...there is no live trading at her I will be gone after the month I paid for.

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