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Day Trading Currency Futures W/Multiple time frames

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Day Trading Currency Futures W/Multiple time frames

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yes agreed. this may be too complex for some at first sight

I know that you (and not just you alone), from past experience, can't say that trading is easy and usually profitable. Yet, that is just what most people would like it to be, without putting in the time to make it so.
Now, you have certainly put in some time: "HI there, I've been learning independently for 18 months now..."--(PM)
My first thought from this earlier quote is "Why would anyone who has been learning to trade for 18 months think a profitable trading system wouldn't likely be complex at first sight." Why say that. Instead why not delve into all that I have posted in the last few months, if you like what you see. Then decide if this, or a portion of this system, is the direction you choose to go to become a successful trader for life. What a concept. For life.
And remember, this is free. Once you have put the time in and still have a question or two, I will be there to help.

Oh, and by the way, you might consider becoming an Elite member; giving Thanks (hitting the bottom button beneath a post when you are grateful for it); and with considerable thought, adding some posts that might benefit someone within this body of traders.

Now, as for being your teacher PM-" Having discovered this thread, I immediately saw the value in this thread.
I would be so grateful if u accepted me as a a teacher, should you decide to teach me?", I have mentioned here that I am teaching some friends and family and do not choose to take on any other students or beginning traders in the foreseeable future. That being said, I have said I would follow up with questions here, just as I have, whenever possible. This format allows me to do so without taking up much of my private time with my family.
If you choose to use my current system as I have described it, you will need to open a demo account with Danials Trading. Otherwise, you will just be taking parts of a successful system.
As always, I wish you and the others who have sent me a private message:
Good Trading.