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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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you don't have to show your income

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You lost me there?

You mean do I have verified results of a 3rd party trader?

Or are you looking for my own trading income? If the latter, no I don't. I don't train traders or operate a trading room either. To be honest, I'd rather give post a pic of me naked than make it public what I earn.

I've been saying this the entire time: "Vendors should have some 3rd party verified results". It says vendor under your name. What I'm talking about is something like this:

(this site works best with Firefox; with Chrome it doesn't load right..)
winsor's Profile | Myfxbook
^^ That's not me-- just the first result in google.

or like these: check out these returns and drawdown statistics:
Trading Systems | Myfxbook

These type of "trackers" work in 2 ways, either you give them the investor password to your account or you use a plug-in. These are not after-the-fact spreadsheets that can be fudged. This is the real deal, and my suspicion to why vendors DON'T use something to prove their results. If you choose to use something like this, it's 100% customizable: you can opt to hide account balances and only show return, etc.. there are lots of options. Someone doesn't have to see your income, just your trade history or monthly return. You choose. But it cannot be manipulated.

The only way a vendor can fudge something like this is if they blow an account, and then try to set up a new account really quickly, usually accompanied with a "change in strategy". BUT you've bookmarked it. Then you can go back and see that it was blown and the vendor isn't worth used toilet paper. I've busted a couple guys doing this, but since I'm the "live and let live" kind of person, I don't make it my life's quest to tell the whole world like I have seen some people do.

I don't think they integrate very easily with Dukas (my broker). I'll probably set up a MT4 account someplace else this week so I can put this tracker in my signature here. I really think that everyone who is thinking about contracting a vendor should seriously see something like this before paying anything.

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