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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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just average???

.....and in the wrong hands,Sunil(like mine) they can be devastating. Now I use them visually to tell when SOMETHING IS OVERBOUGHT OR OVERSOLD AND THEY AS i EXPLAINED WORK BETTER FOR ME THAN any RSI or Stochastic could ever do. But......when I based my decision to "buy" when price crosses an average....Its not possible....but I lose 75-82% of my trades!!! Documented this for 6 months. I always thought, if price in a high volume instrument is over the 8sma and the 8sma is over the 20sma, this is very big money moving it, not typical grandmas 401k. I have watched price cross my moving average from the bottom of a daily chart to the middle. the top, anywhere that moving average is. Naturally if it gets there too fast I saw you were playing with fire as buyers tend to dry up, but....what happens when you move out of a base or a choppy period where it doesnt take much energy(money) to get over that 8? The result is still not mathematically profitable! To be honest, this one fact alone, destroys the relevancy of 75% of trading systems out there, whether from a book, for sale on the Internet or we made it up. Very sad. In fact, the turtles made hundreds of millions with a moving average system that you can buy for like 1500-2000 bucks on the internet. Why? It stopped working. Thats another thread I gotta start soon. Are the people highlighted in the book Market Wizards, are their trading methods still working today 20 years or so later? I invite anyone to start that puppy up! -)

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