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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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about Roger....

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Hey Guys!

Cloudy, you'll probably remember me because I was sending you my terminal results. Nakachalet, I was the guy that was always talking about double-tops and double-bottoms. I disappeared from trading for a few months because I have been remodling an apartment. I'm still not done yet! I stepped away because I couldn't be at the screen in the morning, and longer-term trades don't seem to work with my personality/risk tolerance.

Now, today was the first day in a LONG while (3-4 months) that I sat at the screen. It's tough!! It's hard to stay focused and interested. My opinion from watching the trials is that Roger is a decent guy with a decent system. The problem, I think for Roger is that I can't find anyone on any serious message boards who have paid for his course that come here to show terminal real trading software results. (Most of us just "tried out" his limited services to non-members). He offered to train someone in another forum for free; I would take him up on an offer like that!! At the end of the "training", even if the styles don't match, then you have a live room that you can go to to hear people doing the same thing as you're doing. It would help to stay focused I think. That would definitely be in Roger's best business interest: he trains someone who is the member of a "community" to honestly tell/show other people how they are doing. Well, if he wants to do that, he knows where I'm at.

Yeah, back when members of futures.io (formerly BMT) could see the trials, I also got wrapped up in the live -vs- demo trading. But being away has given me some time to think about it: it's impossible to anwer questions, and risk live money. The only thing lacking, IMO, is the NinjaTrader results INSTEAD OF speadsheets, or show both. The trading software-generated results (terminal results) are hard to fake. Demo or Live. The only time I have seen where this becomes an issue is when profit targets are VERY SMALL (3-4 ticks). Demo trading is an immediate fill whereas live trading usually has to contend with a higher spreads. I still believe that the basis of his system is sound because I have been using something similar for a while now.

In the meantime, if there're any real paid-up customers who are using his software, I'm sure people are still curious to hear the results. Good or bad. I hope good though because I NEVER see anything positive about vendors. I like to think there are more honest people out there, and not just tricksters.

ACBRASIL, I had a week trial in Rogers room and as luck would have it, the market was so dead for 90 minutes and roger kept talking as if we just had a flash crash with so much excitement I started to get a headache and left. I will tell you this, I saw him openly trade in sim mode that day, and yet a couple weeks later he sent me a replay of daily highlights and said it was realtime. Huh?????????

Anyway, if you need the difference in that 2 seconds of waiting time between demo and real to make you profitable, I think that system has to suck. Everyone agree. And when I was live with tradestation futures, I had no precievable lag in execution and thats with a cheap computer 5 years ago. I already mentioned in this thread that I believe Roger is teaching and not trading now because it IS too stressful to worry about every tick. Not for me. I want a system that uses at least 15 min bars and I can even set my tgts and stops and close the platform for the day. Roger says you can use his stuff for any time frame, so why doesnt he show us it works on swing trading too? Just give us the plays on monday and tues and then the results on friday or following monday. Something aint right. But to be fair, his wife Beverly and Roger himself did write to me and said we will be glad to give you plenty of extra time in the room if you need it. Thats very sweet. But guys..................this thread is getting old. Lets find out what the problem is, what the profit potential is and end this thread in the next month or 2. I think all of us just dont have the time to even take all the free trials he gives away as we either have jobs or are too busy with other systems. And all the posts about Roger from 6 months ago or more are now useless because its a whole new system he is using now.

My intuition in deciphering Rogers vagueness in the room as to what is powering this magic indicator of his is that it is moving average based. I dont know how thrilled I am about that. Show me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -)

I mean I took a trial with one of the biggest software co's everyone likely heard of, they used only red and blue arrows as signals, and i found out on my own that a signal appeared every time price crosed the 20 moving average. I saved $2000 and just implemented the 20ma into my list of qualifiers which I was about to do anyway. We need to find out...WHAT IS THE MAIN DRIVER OF ROGERS SYSTEM? Then Id be glad to base part of my decision on how interesting that is...not just on winning small amounts for a week.

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