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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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many traders have complaints about these educators

i am sorry that i did not make it perfectly clear when this list is posted here, that

many traders and wannabes did have numerous complaints regarding these educators and responsible persons behind.

IT IS NOT A RECOMMENDED LIST. approach with extreme caution everyone.

and for those educators, trainers, proprietorial funds etc whose names do not currently appear on this list, DO NOT MEAN THAT THEY ARE LEGIT EITHER, just thought i need to caution my fellow traders here. it just took months and years before enough dissatisfied customers would launch formal complaints against someone or some entities that do them wrong. it just takes time to expose those cheaters and fraudsters and what not.....

no, i am not the owner nor the originator of this listing at all. as a matter of fact, many months ago, i fought to have a certain name removed from the list.

and besides, expensiveness--the like of feltonian and some others are not equivalent to cheat or fraud. when someone or some person INTENTIONALLY mislead you or lies to you in exchange for whatever,
that could be constituted as possible frauds, imho. thx everyone for your interest and time.

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relieved indeed. thx cloudy for sharing.

anyway, did you ever see this list of traders education companies and how they work to attract newbies:

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