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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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are you going after it again now, acbrasil?


couldn't believe what i read on what you wrote below:

I couldn't resist the temptation and I paid for it this afternoon!.

thought you said last time that you were a little wiser now, wasn't that right and agreed upon.... LOL ?

....Well, I hope it's really good!....

and you are going to try it just during the grace period, correct? and get your refund within the time limit, right?

imh opi.... even 1 euro is way too expensive if it is not more applicable, proficient and effective than whatever indi we have here at bmt...

acbrasil, do remember to get your money back, K?

warm regards

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I think what would help the credibility of *ALL* vendors is if they used some 3rd party verified results like myfxbook. I trade MT4, BUT I'm very sure that these 3rd party services have a Ninja plugin. The vendors should let their results speak for themselves.

Roger is a nice guy. I also like divergences. I was sending Cloudy terminal-generated results of live trades with nice results and very high accuracy for a couple of weeks. Then I started this #$%!!& remodling project and now I feel rusty and not really wanting to stay glued to the screen.

I may be starting a new thead soon. I found a guy on forexpeacearmy that has 5 stars and 2 pages of people praising his course (which is pretty cheap compared to Felton or most other people). His course also isn't on futures.io (formerly BMT), which I found odd since so many people already know about it on FPA and a couple of other forex sites. I couldn't resist the temptation and I paid for it this afternoon! I want to see what the 2 pages of 5 star reports were about. Well, I hope it's really good! Once I get some experience with it, I'll make a thread saying if it's good or garbage.

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