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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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did you really, really pay 7.500 usd plus 100+ usd....?

did you really, really pay 7.500 usd plus 100+ usd....?

you surely didn't, did you?

just curious again to the tune of being appearing dumb and dumber....

what really actually attracted you to pay that amount, pls?

if it is too painful, then you do not need to go on, K?

thx again, cloudy.

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I'm not sure what specifics you mean besides naming the place as I've been very detailed. The "course" was $7500k, and there was a monthly fee over a $100 per month. I was using this example as like Felton they reported extra trades outside the room hours to pad their daily profit. I would say traders should be aware of padded results outside the room (especially on losing days which they never reported in their newsletter because of the padding after hours) not to mention catching them always in sim; that would be a good red flag indicator and would help other traders avoid that place automatically among others; that's the biggest thing that will help new traders avoid paying for these scams. Fortunately I quit after one month but the scammers emailed me for a while after trying to make me feel guilty and get me back probably to help with their daily lunch money. Forutunately, the place has been properly reviewed here in the vendor threads.

What enables these scammers is that they think the endless supply of new traders is perpetuity of the actual quote "There's a sucker born every minute". Places like futures.io (formerly BMT) help aspiring traders wise up to this. Per that room, I was galled they thought I was a complete beginner fool even after I told them I frequented futures.io (formerly BMT). They were probably desperate because I was probably the only one foolish enough to stay with them past the trial days and tried to get another month fee out of me. Like Felton, they were introducing "new and improved" indicators by their "programmer" during my time there. And they are by far not the only rooms to do these shenanigans.

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