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Is this price action nauseating, or what?

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Excellent response!

Excellent response,Tiger! I wonder if the stat you gave us, that 45% less companies go public every year is in itself an indicator for some kind of crash? And where is that 30% dark pool money going to wind up. It still has to follow market prices after the smoke clears. Sure a shaved 1/8th here or there, oh..I forgot,we dont use decimals anymore, but anyway, sure a penny here and a penny there will disappear with slight of hand, but even a 30% drop in public volume doesnt tell me why just today when the Forex market was running with the US equities open, I had to check my charts! The 15 min bars were the size they are at 10pm when its all dead. I wonder what these dark pools have to do with those MBS pieces pf paper they let the loan companies print like water 3-5 years ago, and if the twain shall meet. Anyway, great post.

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