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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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I also have spend extended periods of weeks over different years in the Felton Trading Room. I must say I do like Roger. It is hard not to like him, but I must agree with Ironman. Many days he enters the room with his sim dome up 500-600 dollars and usually gives most or all of it back in his trading. He will then exit the room and turn it over to Clint who will trade. Roger will keep texting out trades {winners) that he took to bring his totals up to 1k for the day. I am not saying they are bogus trades, but unless I see them done there is no way you can count them in the track record let alone in sim. Clint seems more realistic , but his results are not as good and he takes trades without showing his charts. Traders buying his course can not expect to get those "results". It does look really good as does a lot of methods until traded live.
One of my questions to Roger was if you can pull money out of the market like that, why don't you trade LIVE after leaving the room?!! Why continue to trade in Sim? It would seem that would defeat his argument of not being able to moderate the room and trade at the same time! Right? His response was he was using that time to answer questions (selling) prospects on the system or training people. That tells me it is more lucrative to sell the system than to trade live. Not what I wanted to hear. It is all about the results they can post on the website, which they use to sell the system.
I have also witnessed him completely change his method, his charts and system 4 or 5 times in the last 3-4 years. He also used to have a auto trader called Sniper that self destructed.
If you get a lifetime membership with his course I would expect there would be a lot more traders in his room even if you have to pay for it. There is also ongoing fees just to use the new software. All in all a very expensive system to commit to and you will need the software for life!

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