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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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Felton trading

Ive known roger for quite a while. Ive also sat in on his room enough days to make a informed judgement. The first week i viewed his room I was very disappointed in his results and presentation. More than half the days he came into the room with a profit of 600-700..He didnt show any of the trades but mentioned he had taken them pre market// Since he trades a sim account I was concerned how many sim accounts he might have open. I addressed the question in the open room and never received a answer... Roger 'the dodger' just kept babbling on and tried to change the subject.
Almost 3/4 of his presentation is about how well his magic wand worked earlier that day or week. By my count the first week he actually lost 200-300 counting commissions yet he tried to show he made a average of 750 each day--go figure. After he came into the room he would take a bunch of 5 tick scalps on CL and gold and claim his $1000 goal Im sure the questions has been repeated by others so now he admits to at least 2 sims accounts but no one really knows how many are open at any time.
Also each time i would log into the room some student would PM me asking if he could help answer any questions.. I asked since he claimed to do so well if he could send me a brokerage statement with all the info blanked out... Guess not . Didnt answer back. No real surprise i guess.
If anyone logs into the trial room they will notice there is usually between 17-19 students. its quite strange that I wrote the names down more than a few months ago and recently and almost every name is the same with only maybe 2 new names.for a system claiming to make so much$$ you would think there would be quite a few new students. i guess not. Now Roger is trying to pimp his new code for 300-400 month in addition to the training fee. Roger has been working as this same old routine for over 10 years.
When i brought up the question of slippage with CL and gold he would never address how off his sim figures would be trying to get 5 ticks...Also any time his target was briefly touched and went south he would claim victory.By now everyone should realize the reasons he doesnt trade live. He would get destroyed and couldnt fool all the novices with his multiple sim accounts.
Finally a search will show that this is the second attempt of Felton trading. His first attempt went belly up and he was dark a few years. Older versions of his automation that failed can be found. Research is your friend when it pertains to your $$.

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