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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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so glad to know, there are other traders here....

tderrick View Post
I tried Rogers method a while back and it seemed quite viable to me. I had his chart up for a while
with all the crazy colors and chaos going on. It was like waking up to a performance art concert each morning

I lasted about 1 week before I realized it was just too busy for my psyche.

I, for one, consider Roger a friend and he has always been informative and kind to me.

@ tderrick

glad to know that there are other traders on board here who also consider feltonian viable.

from what happened a few hours ago; roger just did not focus enough on how traders could benefit from his tools of trade, instead he took attendees on tour of his arsenals.

i begged him to just, while he was on a live signal, to just actually enter and live trade, to show us just how potent his expensive tool could do....

well, just hope perhaps his next demo, he would do just that to prove his point and the potency of his tools.

i truly wish him well. even though there are several here who already threw him out for good.

from what i could tell, his tools are much more focused in a few respect, however just as he was trying to reach more general public, he became more diluted in his specificities at the same time.

i think, if he really wants to be on the fore front of trading education and as i humbly sggested many a time before, that he needs to go on live account, like jake, larry, bob, john and hubert et al who trade live on own acct in front of all their students, traders and members.

just a one man opi here.

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