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Day Trading Currency Futures W/Multiple time frames

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my chart for friday sep 29


am posting a chart with my interpretations of the basic rules for Friday Sept 28th for
GCL. My goal is to contribute to the thread and if possible solicit feedback and critique
from the master WK himself as time permits and thereby sharing any knowledge with anyone
who is interested. The arrow represent entries only. I review the market every day end of

1. Entry long - close above two LSMAs - RSI agrees - CCI follows soon after
2. Entry short - close below two LSMAs - RSI agrees - CCI follows soon after
3. Entry long - close above two LSMAs - RSI agrees - CCI does NOT confirm - trying to
understand if this trade could have been avoided. Certainly an entry followed by an
immediate red i think is a cause for concern/exit ?

Circled area were not numbered. I see as many as 4 trades there a short/long/short/long.
RSI agrees with each of those - but would love to have a filter to avoid react to these.

4. Entry short - same as trade 2. there is another trade between 4 and 5 just noticed
5. Entry Short
6. Entry short - there was a long in between 5 & 6
7. Entry Long
8. Entry Long
9. Entry Short - another trade in between 8 & 9 long
10. Entry long
11. Entry short

etc etc - the rest are repeats of the approach. Lots of great trades in there - if I coule
filter some of the smaller fake outs I would be in great shape. The chart shows part of the
day it was too wide to post all in one go but this is a good reflection of a typical day imo.

look forward to any feedback - many thanks in advance !

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