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MTPredictor Software reviews

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.......................... I've done a lot of homework to grasp the system's probabilities - it's worthwhile.


God-damn it! @Koepisch. You let the cat out! It's a good thing that a lot of people poke fun at EW and related approaches as hokey, keeps the riff raff out

The dual edge nature of EW and tools that employ it, the nature that goes "it could be this or it could be that" is elemental to trading. And people just hate that answer. When you say software - people expect some automated stuff, advanced red-light blue light special kind of hookum.

I sat though a touted cutting edge order flow webinar this week that promised to identify with order flow, buy and sell programs. Something to explain and exploit what is causing these market to show this "spurt and die" nature. Sort of trading with the bots, so to speak. I cannot begin to tell you how unimpressed I was with the nonsense being passed off as knowledge.

The only game in town is to identify the major structure, using whatever is in your hand - order-flow, VSA, Elliot Waves, Moon cycles or that very popular (and in my mind, highly overrated) market profile.

Recently I came across a TED talk that talked about how research is corrupted by selective analysis - its a brilliant damnation of our medical system. Please see it.

What does it have to do with trading? If one accepts that all trading processes are flawed and often fail as much as they succeed, one must endeavour to stick with the approach that appeals intuitively. How do you polish that intuition? by failing and making a fool of yourself everyday. You wont make friends or be looked on as an awesome guy, but man will they be jealous when you roll up in your S600

MTP works, the trick is to identify the major wave structure, the NT RT add-on works just fine. It teaches what failed and what worked. And it gets better over time because it forces you to focus on the same structure over and over again.

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