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Day Trading Currency Futures W/Multiple time frames

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Day Trading Currency Futures W/Multiple time frames

I posted this on another thread. I copied it to show I have responded to this request. There is no need to offer what is being asked. If you have Danials Trading, then you can easily find the values and if not, there is no need. Simple.

Orange MA is 50EMA
The dashed red MA is the 20SMA and is associated with the BBs.
The others are proprietary to the charting package found with Danials Trading.
Green MA is 0.09 and is a Rolling MA, hence RMA is its name.
The others can be found if you have an account with Danials Trading.
They are both LSMA or Least Square Moving Average.
I developed these after a lot of trial and error and no other trader has them to date, but that doesn't mean you can't find them out if you follow my charts w/Danials Trading.
Remember, I have no affiliation with them, just love how well their charts have worked for me.