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Is this price action nauseating, or what?

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Care to share some examples Deucalion, please elaborate... I"ve got a printing press of facts as endless as Bernanke's. Please enlighten us with your wisdom and worldly experience.

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@tigertrader, You are 2nd person whose opinion I read and value to have said that. I do not have a frame of reference so I hope to study more of this. Would you be willing to share why you believe this is a lasting change?

Normally, when there is artificial activity one would think, given a long enough macro basis, things would revert to mean, but you are challenging this notion. Another very capable trader I have had the fortune of knowing is saying the same thing. Not to disagree, but this is a challenging position to take

No kidding, a lot of nonsense is spewed of these forums, with little or no facts. Unfortunately, it is getting worse rather than better

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