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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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I agree with monpere. In trying to assess the merits of any product it is immediately relevant whether or not the sales agent uses the product or not. Would you buy a car from a used salesman that he refuses to ride in and insists you both take a ride in his gee whiz car simulator instead? If he won't run it on the road, should you?

I looked at this system last year and lost all interest in Felton when I heard him arguing that sim trading was an adequate test of the tools he is peddling. Anyone who thinks sim trading is the same as real trading is either smoking something or selling recycled snake oil and does not have your best interest at heart.

Bottom line is, whether or not a vendor trades live or sim, has no bearing on how YOU will perform using that method. So, to me it doesn't matter. The vendor doesn't have to trade the method at all for that matter, he doesn't even have to be a trader! For me, he just has to have a viable idea, I will run with that idea and determine if that idea will work for me or not.

Never believe anything any vendor ever says, no matter how awesome it seems. You take that concept home, kick the tires and put it through the paces. That is what will determine if that method will work for you. The vendor trading live or sim is immaterial. He could trade that discretionary method live and make a gazillion dollars in front of your eyes, so you buy that method, and you lose your pants in 3 days. Beyond that method itself, your own discretionary input and trading approach will determine your success with it, not if the vendor trades it live or sim.

I am mainly a divergence trader. I am not a Felton supporter, nor opponent, but I initially learned divergence from Roger Felton years ago, yet I could not become profitable with divergence until I grew as a trader, studied other people's approaches to divergence, and developed my own trading style using divergence. I now trade divergence quite differently then Roger. Although I was never profitable trading his method exactly how he taught it, I did learn quite a bit from his ideas, and his approach and views on the subject, just as I learned other aspects of divergence from a couple of other vendors as well.

I use to believe that a vendor should trade live also, but as I grew as a trader, I've come to realize that a vendor's trading or lack thereof, will not guarantee my success. My own handling of the method is the only thing that determines how that method will perform for me.

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