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AWT - other 2 trading rooms

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I have been in 89 live futures trading rooms to date; 38 this year alone; 3-4 simultaneously each day. I have a science (MS, PhD- Molecular Genetics), business (MBA-Finance) and legal (JD-IP/CyberLaw) background. I observe and sim trade at least 75-100 trades in each room and apply heavy computational analyses to extract precise trade room performance stats. If initial room performance is worthy, I will continue my evaluation to 200-300+ trades. My basic trade room evaluation strategy has been published (Futures Truth Magazine, Issue #2-2012) and my needs are simple:

1. Transparency: I want the Head trader to communicate (speak, type, denote on price chart or with a trade dome) precise trade numerics (entry, exit, tgt, stop) and the official trade room strategy on how to manage that trade. I can't trade what I can't see, hear, or read.

2. Truthfulness: I want the official track record to faithfully recapitulate past performance and I will check all official performance data against what I observed in person. Be assured, many do not match.

3. Temperance: financial stewardship; dependability, reliability, etc. Ex: I observed/recorded a Head Trader lose $19,600 in one ES trade; a Head Trade fall asleep and snore (often) while in trades with real money; and many other shenanigans. I want none of that.

I have observed 360+ trades (NQ, 6E, TF) called in Alpha Wave Trader from 04.03.12 on; trades 1-100 I took on sim; 101-150 @ 3 contracts real money; 151-250 @ 5 contracts; from then 10 contracts/trade.

While it would be impolite to quote P/L, Alla Peters, Head Trader @ Alpha Wave Traders, is among the top 3 very best rooms I have evaluated. She is a vibrant virtuoso of futures trading and exhibits superior trade performance. Her stops and targets (five targets per trade - unique to the industry) and overall room structure gets an A+ for the above 3Ts. (ps: IMO, based on my evaluation of the 3 Ts above and more, I personally avoid PureTick, Emini Professor and

Fellow traders, you would do yourself a massive disservice to discount Alpha Wave Trader on the basis of one opinion blathered from single disingenuous ex-room attendee, for it took me nearly 2 years to find such an accomplished futures room.

You mentioned AWT as one of the top three trading rooms; please share the names of the other two for those who are not happy with AWT.

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