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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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Maybe you saw me there as my id was Cloudy. There could have been a couple of people that bugged CJ, but most of the time we were quiet and waited for hours most sessions. I remember that email and thought he was upset but not sure if it was the room or bad trading conditions. Following CJ's room since August, it would have been seen conditions got worse for the method. We concluded Mid December to the holidays like most markets was very low volume and slow. I remember that email. That was the time when CJ took a break off the room. We came back in Jan. The last one about the room on the 10th of January.


Let me clear that I am not stopping my trading room, on the other hand my method nor anyone else's is going to produce good trades in this crappy volume and price ranges.

With the way I take trying to help you guys personally it is to stressful right now in these conditions to try to find myself a trade much less moderate a trading room and help you find one

I ask you to stay in touch as will I with you through emails until this market gets it’s head out it’s pants and starts reacting to something

I'm not sure if it was because of the room and/or the "crappy" conditions he stopped it. It was perfectly fine when we were making good money until mid-November. We were happy about it and CJ's moral and the room's was good and we regularly attended those long hours with his "coffee" breaks. And he tested us and asked us to comment on his ideas, or we waited all the morning hours for good setups. But I can understand if he wanted to withdraw back to his own trading since December when things changed.

His last email on the 1st of Feb was saying he was on skype if we wanted to stay involved. I chose not to continue. I very much appreciated his help. His room was the first live daytrading experience I saw that worked for that time. And gave me hope daytrading could realistically actually work if one found his way.

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