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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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That's news to me. Unless you had heard from others close to him those things that I didn't as I didn't know him personally. I was a member of his room until the end.. Most of the time we were quiet and waiting while he found a trade. He actively wanted us to participate with questions at times or with something new he was trying out. After the first month he had mostly stopped going over the basics of his method and we knew basic questions would no longer be welcomed. I had assumed he was bothered by ongoings outside the room (maybe bothered by emails from individuals or vendors) or he just got tired of doing it when he decided to shut it down. He owed nothing to us as the room was free except we were required to subscribe to Kwik-pop.

I was checking out the room for a couple of weeks near the end of 2011. I observed increasingly how he got distracted, frustrated, when he missed, lost, or mismanaged trades. He increasingly asked for 'less chatter' in the room, and sent several emails regarding that. Then on Dec 14, he sent the following email saying that he would only open the room for an hour near the end of the European session, only to review the trades he took that day in private. I am including an excerp of the email below, where he clearly expressed the room was impacting his trading. That is when I stopped going to the room because I didn't want to just see someone review trades after they had been taken. I'm not sure what happened after I left, but I think a few weeks later, the room was closed permanently.

Beginning tomorrow Thursday I will open the room at 10 am cst for about an hour or 2 to discuss the mornings trade and answer your questions regarding any setups

this meeting will be recorded so if you cant attend based off of where you live and your time zone I will email you the recorded link

reply to this email with the word “room” or “video” so I will know who will attend the room and who to email the video recording to

the reason I am doing this is simply with the way the market action is lately trading is requiring my up most attention and focus something the trading room in general is affecting

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