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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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he is absolutely and categorically incorrect....

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Here is almost his verbatim answer to my question during his last NT webinar:

"No professional trader trades live while moderating a room." And as for the 6 figure per year performance summary for trading 2 contracts, it is the calls they made not traded.

"No professional trader trades live while moderating a room."

he is absolutely and categorically incorrect....

larry, jake, john, bill, hubert <not necessarily in their order of importance or imminence> immediately came to mind, among several other 'for profit' gurus....;

particularly, larry; even though larry lost his 6 figure acct, like many of us did in lesser degree, at pfg.... he immediately went on live in his trading room the next day with other brokers....

they are all trading live with their own trading acct and moderating, teaching and coaching in the same breath as well.... in front of their own paid members who paid several hundred usd a month. but then there is also room owner who charges in excess of 100 usd per day, only for days where profit exceed 100 usd; trading 2 contracts each time.

yes, aligator, he also gave me the same response last year. he could have lots more followers, had he just gotten himself together and traded live on just a couple of contracts. i also tried to persuade him also.... but to no avail.

personally, the man got the tools to trade profitably, but to the tune of 1k a day or not, as often claimed, is yet to be tested in live market and live acct.... imho.

aligator, i humbly agree with you.... that making live calls and.... trading the calls are entirely two different animals altogether.

to be also fair to rf, i do not believe that he would intentionally cheat anyone like so many other vendors around and abound. in many ways, i truly wish him, bev, dr mike and others well; so he et al would one day, perhaps change his mind and trade his very own live acct among many elite traders around here and other camps.

cheers and have a safe and happy wkend everyone.

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