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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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you are a fair at heart person.

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I see there is something akin to a war going on, on this thread so it is with great hesitation and respect to ALL partys involved I humbly ask this:

Today I was sent a replay of Rogers new indicator system and I am someone who is just about fed up with software vendors. I didnt like Feltons system before, not because I thought he was dishonest but I dont like the nerve wracking job(and it IS a job!) of scalping in and out all day for 5 ticks at a time. In the end, even if I win, the brokerage firm with commissions AND the mm's with the spread are going to be sucking me dry to the point where they get at least 1/2 my profits per year, maybe per month! So I moved on, thinking Roger was an intelligent trader but I see why he sells it. Its too much work to do day in and day out. Year in and year out you'd need tranquilizers every day at 4pm market close. But now.....

on this new webinar he showed, he has indicators that put renko bars into dense thin almost channel size lines that are either red or green so much of the guess work is gone and I looked at the times on bottom of these live charts and many trades lasted an hour or more. Now thats my kind of day trading. I must tell you that from what Ive observed in over 15 years of trading rooms is that anyone who is trading for less than6 five min bars or 15 two min bars is playing for nickels and dimes. So anyway, this looks fabulous on paper, but as always, that means theres a hole in it somewhere, right? Yes, Roger did sound his usual salesy self. I picture him as a used car salesman with a stetson on his head in Dallas Texas somewhere. Ha! But, guys, I gotta tell you...Ive seen it all from neural network software to the most sophisticated fib clustering charts and Ive never seen anything unique in quite this way. No I dont believe it is worth the $4500 he asks for it. (Plus a monthly fee to use the software thrown in in the last 60 seconds...hmmmmm..... yet, one of you who is with Roger or was and can be unbiased, should check it out and tell us what you think. Me, Im not buying it! But, the idiot that I am, the inner child who still wont grow up inside me, still believes in magic. I guess I just love "sexy" looking charts.DISCAIMER: BUYER BEWARE. PERIOD!

I hear he will give anyone a week free trial in the room which I think runs from 8-12 est. I was hoping someone would comment before monday so I dont waste my time, or....miracle upon miracle...they say its pretty good. Now lets act civil here guys. I dont want Mike getting upset and I dont want Roger insulted because I asked a question. Please go along with that. As another poster said...."sometimes, silence says it all."

you are a fair at heart trader.

roger has an expensive system as you smartly observed.

inasmuch as the system goes, the ones that i looked at some three months ago, and as he demonstrated live but without the benefit of trading his own live account then, it left many questions unanswered.

many traders just wonder in amazement, why if a system is profitable then, why not just trade live with own live trading acct.... to own paid chatroom members to quiet those jealous critics....? there are at least a handful of chatrooms whose proprietors trade live with own acct to prove to their paid members that their monthly fees are well worth it.

yes, i did ask roger a few times, and he seemed to have his own personal reasons which i also respect just as much as big mike's and every trader's here as well. if he is trading his own live acct now, i surely would like to visit him again.

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