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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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Roger trialed/bought RJay's bar types and then had his own programmer go to work on his own versions. If Roger is charging too much you should check out RJay, he is the original Renko tweaking king whom everyone else copied (and I could list a lot of the copiers here, would be quite lengthy).


Hi Dan,

If innovative trading sol. is the same guy you are talking about, I dont think they are the same thing. I think rogers are smoother as they dont jump back and forth from red to green so much. maybe he got the idea from this guy but he had to pay someone to really improve it, or maybe he just smoothed it out until it became so late its now useless. thats what im trying to find out. Below is a piece of one of his new charts. This might pique some of you fellas curiosity. There are also indicators I never saw before on the bottom, but I dont kn ow if Roger would want me to show the whole chart. I dont want to get anyone upset but this is the meat of what was shown in the live webinar. Is this the same thing you refer to,dan?


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