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Anybody heard of topsteptrader (review)

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Granted, T4 is not a good charting program. And the DOM has its issues, but they all do. I'm surprised at how many are stuck in the Ninja DOM mentality. I prefer the Ninja DOM and find it the easiest to use and have been using it for years now, but a single day spent on a simulation account practicing with the T4 DOM should help one figure out the ins and outs. I particularly like the AutoOCO that CTS has. In my review of several programs and DOMs (I tried TT, T4, and Sierra), it helped me appreciate the variety of ways to do things from different types of software. I suspect that many of you who do not like the T4 DOM have probably only ever used Ninja or maybe another DOM, and you're simply comfortable with what you like (but granted, who can blame you? ). CTS has a decent user manual (though not exhaustive) for their product, so a good ol' "RTFM" is probably good advice when using T4.

Regarding TST, I have not heard of them before I watched the recorded webinar yesterday, but I must say that they seem to have a "ring of truth" when I hear them speak. I have heard shyster-speak, and that is not what I heard from TST. I have never bought vendor products or services, ever. Yet, I may give TST a try. I don't want to go through a "learn how to trade" program--rather, I would like some tune-up on psychology and risk, and the prospect of trading a larger capital base at 70% is quite tempting. It reminds me of the show "shark tank" where sometimes people who are already making hundreds of thousands, or millions of dollars, come on the show and ask for another 300K, or another million, because they want to leverage additional capital. So, whether one is trading a large capital base or not, is there a downside (aside from having to trade yet another additional account simultaneously) to trading a 150K account with 70% profit split, with no downside risk?

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