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Should vendors be allowed to become Elite Members?

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monpere's on the right track: define your problem and discover your solution.

Problem: vendors steal code from (formerly BMT) and sell it
Victim: Not us, really, but the poor schmoe who just bought a repackaged indicator.
Solution: make all indicators freely available, and make an effort to let that fact be known far and wide.
Mission: Stick it to the unscrupulous on behalf of the unsuspecting
Roadblock: there is a sucker born every minute
Unintended Consequences: people will need other reasons to become an elite member besides indicators, or people might be less inclined to share code if they know it's going to quickly be all over the internet.

So the real questions are:

1) Can Mike entice elite members without indicators? (That's a question for Mike, really, but monpere had some ideas)
2) Would people share less code if code were freely available?
3) And does that matter?

As far as the second question is concerned: ask the productive members.

And as far as the third question is concerned: my personal view is that it doesn't really matter. Right now I think the way (formerly BMT) is constructed works for its mission. It's a place not to collaborate on an edge, but to get an education: to see the baloney debunked, to ferret out the successful traders and take them as models, to discover different styles of trading, to pick up some technological skill.

It's the water to which the horse is led but cannot be made to drink. And Mike has already done a good job of making sure that vendors don't poison the well.


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