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Is this price action nauseating, or what?

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Its that bad........ -(

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Who are you to advise anyone?

Someone tell me if I am wrong. But when the daily trending move is so small that even if you got into 2 for 2 winning counter trend moves and its barely worth trading, you know the markets have not just slowed, they are constipated. And as with humans, some dont get well anytime soon. Some just dry up and ,well.........

What Im saying is in a healthy market there is room for both sides of the eur/usd players to make money in a given day,especially a week, but if the major trend which is definitely still DOWN is not producing much in gains, every counter trend system at the end of the month has got to be like watching paint dry on the wall. Then you know what happens ....we all go back to futures or stocks and then a huge move in the eur/usd takes place and all we will hear from FXCM and every brokerage firm is "What better place is there to have your money than in the exciting world of currencies." Sure Im venting, I could have been a pro at palin vamilla nasdaq stocks which I studied for years, but since I enjoy waking up at 1pm and palying the markets between 1am-5am I found a reason to switch. And now I know Iyt was a very costly mistake I may not be able to undue. Sorry guys, I love all you Forex people, to be honest, most of you are a more sophisticated player than what you find on Yahoo stock boards and such, but I need to make money, and now I see that as far as Forex is concerned, the way to go is some swing trading and some position trading. And maybe you can only day trade when Forex Factory has that nice red Icon next to the upcoming release of that day. Maybe. It will take me months if ever, for me to get into a 9-5 groove again. I wish stocks traded 24/5 like forex but they dont. Ok lets see what happens tuesday. If that isnt a wild day due to a 3 day weekend, I give up. But lets not get too excited over a one or 2 day move. Good luck to the shorts-the trend players and good luck to the euro longs, the counter trend players. Maybe there will be enough for both of us this tueday. And yes, Im ignoring the last question om purpose. Anyone who thinks I am talking out of my _ _ s, can just ignore me. I speak from the heart. To the winner goes the spoils, men!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

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