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King Kenny, I agree with you that a few trading in the thinly traded markets, e.g. cl, tf, ng, nq, gc etc., in a live account will not be filled. I use market limit orders and today I had two trades not filled until it came back to fill me. I did 8 trades on cl today with one loser and 7 winners with 31 ticks net profit per contract less commissions. As far as I could ascertain I was the only one in Alla's education room that was trading the cl. I did ask if anyone else was trading it and no one answered. Therefore, on 2 of my 8 trades I did not even get a partial fill with my limit orders until cl came back to my limit order and I was filled.

So you are correct, if others were trading live cash accounts with me in cl then I would not have been filled on all my orders and they would also not have complete fills and or no fills.

Only ES (which I also trade) and the bonds along with the Forex can absorb very many traders using this system at one time.

Maybe the students were busy trading and didn't want to talk to you?

I just can't believe that you and others think that a couple of dozen orders from Alla's students would possibly keep you from getting filled in a market like CL during normal market activity. It could't possibly be the fact that the market is really thin right now because of the vacation days taken by the heavy hitters just before school starts? It couldn't have been that price jumped over your price from HFT's and then came back to fill you? It did that to me on two different orders in two different markets on two different days a couple of weeks ago. News? Slow Data? Slow Ping rates on the internet? Slow cache on the computer? You told me in one of our private conversations that you always took CL trades before market open and did rather well with them. Stick with what works for you. But you might be right...

I'll bet in three weeks, the markets will be back to their regular old selves, trading will be good, fills will be good and then what...?

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