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flipper26 View Post
Advanced Trading Workshop? School of Trade? Neither of these has a very good reputation so if you're comparing to them, anyone is going to look good. As you said you really need to do your due diligence before you spend the money. I also don't understand why you would be in these hucksters rooms if you are so satisfied with Alla and her methods. Sorry but your comment about continually searching for the Holy Grail doesn't hold water with me.
A stop loss of 15-30 tics on ES - never, ever, in any trading room have I seen a stop loss of this magnitude on ES. Quite frankly I haven't even seen stops this wide on NQ, or YM. I agree on TF, NG and CL, but the others - never, and again, I've been in lots of rooms, as have the people that I trade with. Perhaps I`ve done a better job of vetting trade rooms than you have.
As for the stops that Alla sets in her room and how she manages her trades I am commenting here so that others who are in her room checking her out know how she is trading. I am conveying information that people need to know. Of course we've all been in trades, stopped out only to have the trade change direction and go against us - this is part of trading. However, there are very clearly times when you know you are on the wrong side of the trade and it only makes sense to minimize your losses. A $300 loss on NQ is significant at $5 per tick. Of course you could've ridden the 2008 flash crash all the way down and held onto your losing trade until it turned but very few of us have that kind of capital to put at risk. If that's how you trade that's fine but again, people need to know what they`re getting themselves into. As for Alla, who knows if that`s how she`s managing her own trades since she doesn`t trade live or SIM in the room - we will never know for sure and it`s easy to ride a trade all the way down when you have NO skin in the game.

longboat View Post
I completely agree with Flipper. Those stops and negative risk reward will blow up your account. There is no way you are profitable with those long term. You compare Alla to those other two rooms? You may as well pick the worst rooms you can, of course she may look better than them. You are way off base. How can you follow somebody that doesn't trade Live or Sim. I think your posts are very misleading to newer traders. Sorry

The rooms that I listed are rooms that I have visited in the distant past. They are also rooms that seem to have a presence on the web so that newby's would see them and investigate them and it was easy to check on the amount of money they require for their courses. That's why I listed them. I did not make any recommendations about them one way or another, other than ShadowTraders and AlphaWave Traders of which I have personal knowledge. I am not in any of those trading rooms other than Alphawave Traders. I'm not a rumor monger about other rooms, how good they are or are not UNLESS I've been a member of that room and privy to their trading philosophy and TRADING RULES and you do not know that UNLESS YOU ARE A FULL STUDENT!

Perhaps you have done a better job of vetting other rooms Flipper (and longboat), but you don't really know because you are taking what I said about other rooms out of context (the context was only being their cost) and implying that I think those other rooms are good rooms when the truth is I do not know if they are or not. Then to make matters worse, you make a sarcastic remark about the 2008 flask crash and what you think my trading philosophy is including speculation on my account size. A $300 stop out in any market is not a nice thing, doesn't matter if it's NQ or Crude. I can't comment on that particular trade directly because I don't trade the NQ very often, I don't remember that trade being called and I might not have even been present in the room.

Personally, I think you and everybody else are looking at this all wrong. Can Al Brooks trade his system live with real money or in SIM and make money? Can Roger Felton trade his system live with real money or in SIM and make money? Of course they can! But ya know what? Just because they can doesn't mean that I can or anybody else can.


I think it would be great if Alla traded her own system. Good marketing for her and good proof for you. Trouble is, I don't make money if she trades her system, it only matters that I make money when I trade her system and follow her rules. And I do both.

As far as the Holy Grail is concerned: That's the perfect system that makes lots of money with no stop outs and like I said, I'm still looking for the perfect trading system. After my last post, I did want to add one thing. In all of the trading setups that I've used over the years, when I've gone back to look at them, they all would have been much more profitable if I would have filtered them with AlphaWave Traders rules and setups. I've not looked at the market the same way in the last 5 months as I did in the previous 30 plus years. Anything new in trading that peaks my interest will always be compared to Alla's trade signals, they are that good.

I'm sure that there will be lots more said in this thread but like the "Ghost" trader that I am in Alla's EDU room, I'm back to work, learning and trading. I think I have made myself pretty clear, even when my words are twisted and it's suggested they mean something that wasn't said. So, good luck and have fun but I've said my piece.

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