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I'm glad the system is working for you but at a cost of over $3000 for the beginners education it is quite steep.
I do take issue with your comments about other rooms though. I have been in many trading rooms as well and the size of the stops will vary with the instrument traded but I have yet to see many that use stops of 20-30 ticks for anything other than CL. Most of the rooms I've been in do not use student trainers or assistants or whatever you want to call them. If the moderator is sick or away then the room does not operate for that day - this has happened in the vast majority of rooms that I have been in.
My biggest problem with Alla is that she is not trading live or SIM and as a result when she enters a trade she will be in that trade until either 1) her profit targets are hit, or 2) her stop is hit. I witnessed a trade several months ago on NQ that quickly went against Alla but rather than identify that the trade went against her and advise everyone to get out she stayed in it until her stop was hit. It was a loser of almost $300. There are times when you can identify that a trade will not go your way and it is just good money management to get out of the trade as quickly as possible rather than wait for your stop to get hit. You donít realize that Alla is doing this without being in the room and observing several trades. For anyone that is trading live based on her calls you need to ensure that you have your own methods for exiting the trade when you deem appropriate.
I also have an issue with Alla selling my email address and I too am now inundated with emails from other vendors selling their systems or promoting their webinars.

"Beginners Course?" I would call it the complete foundation course. Most internet guru's invite you into their rooms to trade for a lot less then the final price but then there are always those added extras. Lots of added extras for lots of extra money. Lately, most of the rooms I've checked out seem to be hitting the $2000-$2500 mark to just get started but it use to be $1500 or so. $3500 seems to be the new bench mark. School of Trade: $4195, Pacific Trading Academy wanted $3500 just a few months ago but if I signed right then it was $3000. Advanced Trading Workshop: They were $2500 three years ago, for the beginner class, now, I really can't tell by just looking at their website but the whole shebang is $8999 ...and the list goes one. Nobody needs anything else from AlphaWave Traders after the first course. The principles taught in the first class are all you need to be a successful trader in any market. In fact Alla teaches you how to figure out how to make your trading even better and gives you the tools and training to figure out your own advanced system and she encourages you to do so and will help you with it too. Paying her the $500 is only a short cut to desert after the main course.

Alpha Wave traders charged me $3000 but I believe they raised the price to $3299. That is not out side of reason. It might be more than ShadowTraders at $999 with the 4 day intensive training extra at $500 . But Buyer beware. Newby's could pay ShadowTraders $1500 for their course (a very good over all education and trading system in my opinion) or they could spend $50, become an Elite member of Big Mike's and learn the same thing here from PerryG. Anybody shopping for a new car, a new house or a new trading system needs to be an educated shopper. Newby's and Oldster's like myself should read the Forums, learn a little about the markets and then make the best decision they can about a trading course that will fit their personality (or even if they need a canned trading system).

The three Rooms that I have Observed lately other than AlphaWave Traders have had stops from 15 to 30 tics on the Euro, Emini S&P, Oil, Natural Gas, NQ and YM. We must be visiting different rooms. As far as setting a stop and then letting the it stay until the market takes it out or moves in a positive direction to the profit target is a valid trading technique. It might not be your technique but it still is a good one. In fact, it's the trading technique for two of the three Observed Rooms. By leaving the stop sitting and not changing it, no emotions can influence your trade decisions and personally in the long run, I believe you will have fewer whipsaws that eats up your trading account. What Alla did with that trade was not wrong. Just not your trading style. A good reason for you to not join AlphaWave Trades but maybe a Great reason for others to join and learn her system. I can't begin to tell you how many times I've jumped ship only to have the market take off in the direction of the trade and left me sitting in it's dust. Alla's stops can be as small as 7 tics or as much as 15 tics. But the discussion really isn't about stops, it's about capitol preservation isn't it. If you take her recommendation on the first closer profit target with 60% of your contracts, and then if you get stopped out, it will have been a break even trade and most of the time the market will hit that first, smaller profit target (that everybody here was bitching about) before it does stop you out. That's Capitol Preservation.

Everybody hates spam. Me too but any increase I've had lately isn't really noticeable amongst the inundation I receive from all other visited rooms over the last 10 years. Thank goodness for spam filters.

Good Luck on your trading journey. I know I've found my path. I'll keep looking for the new Holy Grail because that's the kind of guy I am but until then, I've found my path with AlphaWave Traders and I'm sticking to it.

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