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Anyone use Daytradetowin?

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I've been a member of (formerly BMT) since October and this is my first post. I point this out because I too got sucked into the daytradetowin 'dream' and it is a relief to hear the latest conversation here. DTTW was my first venture into trading the ES and I don't know if it was his flashy website that caught my eye or what. I did do my research which took me a long time. Created a spreadsheet pointing out what news happened that day, how the market reacted, how many points I 'could' have taken, etc. I went into sim mode for 3 months and felt I could really pull this off. Even had dreams of finally trading full time. I went live in September and, as we all know, it's a different story when you go live. September was an interesting month and I went 4 straight trades hitting my 5 point stop loss. My biggest mistake here I admit, was that I started out with 5 contracts! Figured that was small based on John Paul's 20 contracts! I couldn't figure out why at the end of Sept I had 6 losing trades and only 3 winners. Far from the 'dream' that DTTW makes it sound like. Further to that, I got sucked into one of his $197 webinars where he didn't tell me anything I didn't already know.....but hey, I got a month of his indicator (which nobody needs). It's just the ORB indicator which is free on (formerly BMT).

All I can do is warn others that the DTTW method has been explained in this forum and I highly recommend that you save yourself the $700. The only good thing I got from DTTW is a wakeup call which sent me on the path to find sites such as (formerly BMT) and even DH at Emini Addict.

PS. All you really have to do is listen to John Paul speak. He gave me the creeps and something inside was telling me to run. Probably that same voice that tells me to sell instead of holding on......damn you GREED!!

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