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hi mcadero,
it seems that you do not have all needed indicators in your Ninja !
in NinjaTrader it is NOT that you have the indicators saved in the template - i dont know if you know this yet.
you must go to jeffs picture with the indicator-list and then you have to search for the indicators and import them.

BTW - Jeffs pic with the indicator-list is a perfect way+ example to show what you need in a template to make it work ! thanks Jeff to for this.

We work hard on the part that every indicator that is posted here in threads also is available in our download-area so that you can search for the stuff in the list - load it + get it working.

At the moment there are still lots of indicators only present in threads+posts and not all stuff is in the download-area.
a problem is, that attachements in threads are not visible/findable for the search-fuction - this is fact at the moment.
so sorry about if you dont find everything you do a forum-search for -- as said we work on it to catch all flowing-arround indicators.

All guys who post some indicators or post a template with special indicators needed can help us enormously if you check in the downloadarea if these indicators are available there yet.

if not - please upload them in the Download-section + also give them some keywords. this would be a really big help to avoid endless searching for new users + a big help for us mods.
for shure you can also do an additional upload of the indicators in your postings - but not ONLY in the posting.

AND - if you upload indicators in your posting you can do the following :
please post the exact name of the indicator in your posting-text like this example : ColorSampleUniversalMovingAverage2 or this ZigZagUTC_TL_BarCount

- so there is a much better chance to refind this later with the searchfunction.

Thanks for this in advance !

The (formerly BMT)-crew

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