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Anybody heard of topsteptrader (review)

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Please keep in mind, trading for a living is only a dream for most, in any aspect. This is not isolated to trading. Even if you want to open a small business in some other public sector, the fact is, most businesses fail. Just as most traders fail.

Let's not make this harder than it is:
- Do you need to be funded by someone else? Do you not have your own money, or don't want to risk your own money? OK, then maybe a prop shop is a good fit.

- The rules to pass the combine are laid out clearly. How about you use your platform on your own, and pass two or three of your own "combines" internally before you pay TST and make it official.

Trading is a business. Treat it like one. If you need to be funded by someone else, then take it seriously, pass the combine on your own a few times, then take theirs and get funded. The end


I share the same view on trading and business and the comparison that you make between the two. In fact, I've explained to my friends and family why I've struggled so much with trading in my first 12-18 months by comparing it with starting a business. Most people expect starting a business to be very difficult in the first 3-5 years... and then (or earlier!) - as you say - many still fail.

The idea of trying the combine on your own is a great idea. Especially, if ones trading parameters are different to their requirements. For instance, as a swing trader getting sometimes only 3 trading signals per months, one has to find a solution to cater for the 10 trading days required in a 30 calendar day period.

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