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BigMike, this assumption of 80K autotrader was first brought up by Lornz:
"So let me get this straight... He has an automated system that nets > $80 000 in 4 months trading 1 contract, and a max drawdown of <$2500...." But now we can't verify the veracity of Lornz`version because the origin of said claim has been deleted from this link <JAMAutoProTraderSales - jamthetrader's library>. You know the differences in what one says and what another perceives.

Nevertheless, I was in the webinar today when JAM clearly stated several times that this autotrader has nothing to do with what we are accustomed to see as autotrader, and that stand-alone profitable autotrader doesn't exist. Thus, my junkie mood for a quick fix from trading systems is slowing and painfully dissipating after years pursuing this route.

What I said was, "the Auto ProTrader is not a holy grail, but a tool that can be used to help traders".

All auto trading systems all fall apart over time and especially when you are talking about intraday trading.

Remember what you are trading, a living breathing entity that has a group of participants that all think a little different but has some common ideas as well. This is where we get our edge, when the commonalities come together to bring up to point in the trading day to allow for a high probability trade to take place. The patience in between, focus, and discipline is where most traders struggle and that is what he are trying to help with.

There is no substitute for hard work in trading and no easy way to learn but through hard work and perseverance, and an automated trader will not let you trade and just print money, but instead should be used as a tool in a traders tool box to "help" the trader with focus, discipline and trading multiple markets at once.


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