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Please confirm you are not a vendor, do not have a website, do not have any product or services for sale.


Yes, I do have a website. It is called CollaborativeFx and it exists for the sole purpose of sharing some of my Research and Development on Automated Bots that I will use in my personal trading, as well as for the potential transformation of my original prototype trading system called 7thSignalTrader, which I use to manage all the trades of my trading firm - which itself is a closed-end private fund where I manage its capital (my capital) the I developed exclusively.

I don't sell things to Traders. I actually trade the markets for a living.

I've given away in information about what I do, far more than I have ever received in return over the years - that's for sure. These days, I hopefully inspire, educate, and motivate individual FX Traders to think outside the box of convention, so they can develop Indicators and Trading Systems for their own personal use. That way, they won't have to buy things from vendors and the like, because they will already be successful Traders in their own right.

My motto has always been: Traders Trade and Vendors Sell.

I'm JetTrader, remember. Lost my password a while back ago and long since deleted the email registration - so there is no way for me to log-in under that UID.

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