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Livestream FX Trades

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Livestream FX Trades

Hello FX Traders,

I've been contemplating the idea of hosting trades using Livestream, which would essentially allow me to do live webcasting of my trading routine. I have not yet checked to see if anybody else is doing this (someone probably already is doing it), but after having seen the new Aero TV Livestream website today for the first time, the idea came to me as being something that seems perfect for the Newbie Trading Community interested in learning what a day-in-the-life is like for those who actually trade for a living.

Anything, that I have ever done online, has always been with the New FX Trader in mind - so this idea is no different. The thing that might prove to be a bit odd, are the trading hours. Trading FX is not like trading the equities markets, where you get anywhere from 6.5 to 8 hours of volatility before all trading stops. Of course, FX is a "24 hour" market and somebody is out there making a trade literally 24 hours a day (even though most brokers shutdown on the weekends). It would be my guess that one could watch the trading for as long as I made them - which could be as short a time frame as 1 hour, or as long a grind as 12 hours, depending on which trading mode I'm using at the time.

Anyway, for the new to FX Traders out there on Big Mike's, offer your feedback and thoughts on such an idea:

- What interests you in watching someone else make trades?
- What does not interest you in watching someone else make trades?
- What type of trading modes would you want to see (Scalping, Intra-Day, Inter-Day, Swing...)
- How long could you sit and watch someone else make trades?
- Would you want to have the ability to ask the trader questions while they trade?

[assuming all trades would be FX pairs related]

I don't have a site or a studio set-up yet and I'm not promising anything at all. I'm going to take a look at Livestream to get a better understanding of how they manage to make your webcast live, such that people can see it in real-time. I then have to figure out how much work I would need to do in order to get set-up AND to maintain such a virtual studio, as well as how much time I would actually have to dedicate to the entire production process. I could not allow the "process" to overwhelm the actual trading itself - that would defeat the purpose. If I cannot handle both at the same time (Producing and Trading), then I obviously won't do it for sure.

Let me know what you think off the top of your head.

Prosperous Trading to you!

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