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Lots of issues on this thread

I read many threads and this one has some peculiarities. JAM himself answers questions and challenges the nay-sayers. Best thing is JAM proposes that real users of the room should be entitled to post views. I second that. But most importantly, he proposes that all other rooms should offer free pass for genuine reviewers. And it isn't just one to three days that some offer as trial. Boy, that would save me a lot of money, as I have paid my dues over and over to get the inside view of a room. My last experience (this month) was a disaster: I was tempted by the awesome results (hypothetical disclosure was not enough to convince me that those results could be fake) posted by Was I in for another painful lesson to swallow hook and sink on the damn purchase! It turned out I could detect the exact piece of fraud in the hypothetical results.

Anyway, I've been in dozens of trading rooms and buying more systems that wouldn't fit on my bookshelf if they weren't digital bytes. I always took statements like "80k in 4 months" (as mentioned in this thread) with a grain of salt. But this was the FIRST time ever that I caught the vendor (Ezprotrading) with specific example of fraud by the textbook definition. (If you wish to read my details, search this forum for Ezprotrading).

In conclusion, Charles (newbie on this thread looking for an honest way of learning and profiting from trading, blacklist ezprotrading). As far as JAM, I was in the room over two years ago and I didn't learn anything useful during the week trial so I was not excited about paying to go any further. Just tonight I saw JAM's email about the AutoTrader. I am a fan of autotrading, but at $3,500 I must be extremely sure this thing can pop $80k in four months (granted 5 markets as explained by someone else on this thread). Come to think of it, 40k with high probability of sureness will do. Nevertheless, even more appealing would be a nominal fee for two weeks to trial the Autotrader. If it makes me money, I'll be hooked on this *"drug." After all, a (system) junkie always a junkie. Vendors in general don't seem to grasp this and they want the dough upfront before one can 'snif' it.

*I am a Christian and absolutely clean (never done any drug whatsoever). My analogy here is only an attempt to express my thinking.

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