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Alphe Wave

Hi Fellow Traders and you Longboat:

I could not disagree with you more regarding Alla and her trading methodology. I paid to learn her trading discipline and have never come across anything more effective. The piles of junk software and trailing indicators do nothing to help out the serious trader. You are doing everyone a disservice here by dissuading them from trying out the best of the best.

Ninety fine percent of her trade entry calls are clear and well defined. Occasionally, there is a slip up but that is inadvertent and not meant to deceive or mislead. Yes, her first targets are modest and her stops can be large but I cannot tell you the number of 40 and 50 tick winners that she calls that would have wiggled you out if you employed a tighter trailing stop. August is without a doubt the toughest month of the year to trade and she does an amazing job of keeping you out of chop.

Jonathan, her crude oil trader is a prodigy. He alone is more then worth the price of admission. He doesn’t call his trades out loud and I think he should but his trading entries are clearly posted because he uses Ninja’s chart trader. Last week he called a 90 tick winner and this week a 75 tick winner on crude oil. Gimme a break here, this man is an amazing trader. To call the trading room a marketing tool is nothing sort of ridiculous.

One more thing, the trade example you are citing on the 6E, where she had a 4 tick target and an 18 tick stop never occurred. If she is trading an 8 range, your entry will be one tick above the target candle with your stop one tick below; that’s a max of 10 ticks. How you arrived at 18 ticks on an 8 range entry candle is beyond me.

Alla herself is a no nonsense balls to the wall lady. If you ask a stupid question she raps your knuckles! Is she tough sometimes, yup! But is she brilliant always, yup also! She doesn’t mollycoddle you and that’s what some traders went. But that’s not what they need. They need a call to action. Not the, “poor baby” approach but the, “get real and get smart” call to start studying approach.

During her training sessions she BEGS her students for homework. Just more work for her but exemplifies her dedication. She wants to turn out successful traders. She answers questions via e-mail and is totally accessible by phone which she oftentimes picks up herself. No secretary to wall her off from her students. No need, because of her track record.

I still have my Seven Summits Trading Software (Pro Version). It’s a pile of junk. Forget the $1,499.00 I paid for it. In a choppy market it will put you in the poor house just like every other “break out” software system. But Alla’s trading method protects you big time. The numbers speak for themselves; 80 people in the trading room, 50 people in the educational room.

I encourage everyone to check out her trading room. It’s a free ride. Her methodology isn’t for everyone because it’s difficult. No buy on greed dot, sell on red dot here. Just no nonsense trading methods that if mastered will take you to the next level.


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