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PositionSizer for ninjatrader

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I am lazy

I found this discussion very useful thank you @Fat Tails, even if it wasn't necessarily the intended purpose for this sub-forum. If I may provide some feedback to the vendor, as I had previously looked at this product before it was posted on futures.io (formerly BMT) because well....im lazy and just wanted to deal with my need quickly by throwing some $$ at it, but not $$$ .

1) Your site returns a malware warning in Chrome, im assuming/hoping this is not intended but you should look into it as it's 30%+ of the browser space.

2) Ninja is starting to lose traction and MC,Sierra and others are taking on more users, including myself most recently, I noticed a post by you on Sierra's forums over a year ago that you would work with them to code your tools functionality into the platform, this never happened.

3) The price is excessive for what you are providing, you may disagree but I am your target audience and my perception and reason for leaving your site within 5 minutes is that I do not value my time so highly that I can't write up my own spreadsheet to link to my platform (which I did), live if I wish (just switched to Sierra) and do these same analytics. Or I can pay far less than your price (and have) for a C# course if I want to integrate my need more seamlessly. I'm sorry but these money management systems are not proprietary and is easily implemented in a realtime environment, your pricing model should target the lazy people out there like myself, and not the uninformed with deep pockets, you'll run out of those.

Just advice to cater to my audience is all .

Edit: my comments above were in reference to using Sierra's spreadsheet functions for my purpose on FX trades (multi-lots), not coding in Ninja which has more of a time investment on the user im sure.

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