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Vancouver, Canada
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Jim Sinclair is a commodities and forex trader and currently CEO of gold mining company, Tanzanian Royalty
Exploration. He was tasked with liquidating the Hunt brothers’ silver position in the early 1980s. He is also
the son of Bert Seligman, who was the trading partner of Jesse (“Reminiscences of a Stock Operator”)
Livermore, the most famous trader in history. On 23 December 2011, Jim Sinclair commented:

“We’re in the most manipulated markets. We are in the most fraudulent markets in history…
What you’re seeing going on right now favours the bankers and disfavours all others. However,
when it’s finally finished there will be one man standing and that one man standing will be gold
– the only market that the banksters can’t control in the final chapter.”

I didn't know that. I've read his books. (JesseLivermore) His one book and the other two. I didn't recall that he had a trading partner. I was under the distinct impression he was a one man show. I mean aside from the fact that he knew a lot of people and a lot of people knew about him.

That fact that Jim Sinclair is the son of Bert Seligman is just too weird for words. I don't doubt you, just too weird for words.

All this makes Jim's position even more bizarro. I mean after reading Jesse Livermore, of course there's manipulation. There's as much manipulation as the market will bear. Doesn't change anything. Up or down. Didn't matter to ol' Jesse. And as a trader, Sinclair would have to live by that too. So why get your shirt all in a knot only about gold? It wouldn't be because he has a stake in a mine would it?

Personally I watch gold and silver spot, USDCAD and EURUSD in order to try to trade SLW on the NYSE.

I'd like to try to trade what you trade or to trade gold or silver spot. But there are a lot of reasons that I don't right now. I want to first learn how to be profitable trading this one instrument first. I know it may not be the best from other peoples perspective. But I feel it is the best choice for the time being. Just a little info in case you were interested.

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