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What programs have you bought? Confess

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Nice that this thread is still going on. I should add some comments regarding one of vendors in the list posted by the OP. Netpicks. I lost over 1k with them. They claimed to have backtests done for the past year. Yet there would be days they lost over a hundred ticks being whiplashed multiple times. The moderator would be quiet while we sustained big losers. I would not be surprised they never traded live or even sim; who would be crazy enough to trade their system unless duped into doing so. I'm not even sure how many of us were real clients or there were the same three or four "members" in the room making comments. There should be a new definition of actor, "chat room member actor". Every month or so they keep coming out with new "products" and I continue to get spam email about their latest new system. They would show their net gain of a measly 40k or 50k, of course for last year, or the year before last and we were supposed to have patience the rest of the year. But that was it? just a measly 40k (a figure which I don't even believe now) after taking positions supposedly with multiple contracts in their multiple "trading plans" (where said trading plans used their auto signal entry program anyways no matter how dumb or whiplashed it got), in so many instruments and risking and sustaining big losses. More of an exercise in busybody work distracting from the fact one was being duped, and paying your broker daily commission salary..

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