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Experience at Live Trading Rooms

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For you info, ironman

I can assure you that I'm not a administrator or one of Greg's gang as you say. I'm a member of TTZ, that's all.

For the little story, I've started to trade future as a day trader 3-4 years ago. As a complete newbie, I knew that education was the first step but didn't knew where I would found this education. I have read many books but didn't feel I was ready. Then, I've started to look for some real trader-teacher and found them.

In my experience, knowing what I know about the market today and what I knew then, TTZ preserved me from making a lot of mistakes that would had been very costly. I don't say that the road that took me at the stage where I am today had been easy.... Lot of work, lot of frustration, lot of deception, and again, lot of work... I went to many things in my life and trading had been the most difficult thing I ever did. Not that's it hard to pull the trigger, hard thing is to understand what trading is in reality and to understand how to act as a emotional human being .... For me, that's an important contribution of TTZ in my education and I'm not sure that I would still be in this game without them. Learning to trade is a very lonely, personal thing that takes a lot of effort, and being able to grow as a trader in an environment of real trader is a nice thing.

About the calls in the room, I don't understand. Most of the trade they call in the room are made on stop limit to enter long time in advance ....

I have nothing to prove about TTZ, in my experience, these guys had been serious and they helped me in my early times. Now, I fly by my own but still, I like to go in the chat room sometimes because I like that, that's all. Once a year, they organise a get together for the members and it's very cool .....

First post in this threat was about experience of trading rooms, I shared with you mine. They have their trial, you like or you don't. that's it.

Sorry for my English, this is not my "default" language


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