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I just took the $9.99 trial. They did not give out many trades each day. Saying Aug is a slow month and big traders that move the market are on vacation and not trading. Here is the problem I have. After the trial it cost $179 each month. From what they said people who are in the education room (those who paid for their program) get more trade signals than those who is in the regular trading room(those who pay $179 per month or on $9.99 trial). I remember one day in the trading room they called out a couple of trades-one winner and one loser. Since their stops are normally bigger than their targets so you will end up on the downside that day. Then they said people in the education room had 6 trades in NQ and they were all winners and hit the targets. See the problem here if you want to sign up to be in the trading room. I myself is interested in the program but have to research more before shoving out the $3000 plus. They gave out a free webinar on this Wed and they said they had 3 trades in NQ all winners and hit targets. I remember that day very well. We had one trade in NQ in the trading room and it got stop out right after we entered but no mentioning about the losing one.


Thanks for your updated input. Sounds like things have changed since I was in the room. Back then the calls were made in the regular room and the education room was used to discuss the trades in detail. I never would have thought that some trades would only be called in the education room. This new setup seems kind of sketchy to me.

I will rescind any recommendations I have made in prior posts.

Good luck and be careful.


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