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Fellows, the fibs is nothing secret about them; however, how she draws the fibs is different than anyone else that I have seen and different than how I use to draw them too. The real secret to her trades is the price structure and candlestick patterns she uses plus the rules for those structures and patterns.

As I stated before, I never was a successful trader until I learned this method. It is well worth the price because if you learn this method, you can make a living in the market. In the last week I had 17 trades and 15 were winners!

I take my own trades using her method and not what Alla calls because she calls every possible trade she sees with her method. I personally take the high probabilty ones where I can see how the longer time frame charts are possibly setting up for her method too. I take trades primarily off the 8 and 13 range charts, but am watching the 21 range and 60 min charts too. If I enter off the 8 range I like to see the 13 range in a possible price structure too and if is not I take all my profit at the first target area.

I will be in trades that she calls, but I have already seen the pattern, and because she is watching 3 markets and answering questions she does miss some trades.

Another reason I do not follow her calls is that she is watching the 6E and NQ. I do not trade any of those. I use to trade the 6E but it has been so dead during the US session I have stopped. I follow the CL, Tf and ES now.

As far as her readjusting her fibs after an entry, you would understand if you knew the method. When she does this it is because she is calling the more conservative entry; however, she readusts the fib when the fill is because the conservative entry is not where the pattern is and you have to readjust the fib to get the proper price target.

I hope this helps you with some of your problems. I would say Stymie has not really learned the method and has it down pat, or he would be very happy with his results using the method.

Hey Rogera,

I never said I was unhappy with the results (I was profitable with it). Not sure why my posts are hard for you to understand, but they all say that the method is fine, it is the business practices of the outfit that I have an issue with.


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