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I am not in the room anymore. I would be if the fee they charge me would be to only recoup their costs to run the room. After paying for the education program, I don't think it's right for them to continue to make money from me from my attendance in their room. Makes me wonder if they do any of their own trading, or if their income is just from room and course fees. In retrospect, I should have just continued with the regular room fee and not bothered taking the course. If I ever get my time machine working, I will do this.

The tool is made available but it is just a fib retrace tool with custom labels to replace the % levels used. If they used the regular fib tool in the room, those secret levels wouldn't be secret any longer. I never used the customized tool, the built-in tool in Ninja (or whatever platform) works just as well as long as you know the levels. Shouldn't be too hard to figure out if you watch its use in the room.

Stymie thanks for fielding questions! I went in the room for one day after a webinar and didn't go back because I thought a few times she was calling out the entry after it had already moved ( like another room I was in did). I doubt you could have got her fill in the room all the time. I get the impression from you that the method is legit and ...

1. maybe if we study the 8 range chart she uses it might give me a heads up on when to be ready for her price? She does give a warning, but it is still possible to miss it.

2. The inverse risk/reward ratio put me off some. One of her trades hit Target One and then stopped out for an overall loss, but it shows up as a winner if you just look at the winning trades column. You think I could cover the cost of the room and make some money trading one contract to start? Could I get enough fills is my question?

3. I understand she has to make her levels "secret" or you could just use the Ninja tool, but she can't change them too much or they won't be Fibonacci, probably close?

She did say she doesn't trade live when she is moderating 2 rooms at once. Combine that with the constant emails to buy and watch her partner webinars and you can see why I was put off. I wouldn't pay anyone 3k again for education, but it seems like you didn't need the education package to make money, so I may give the monthly room a shot based on your comments, (thanks in advance, we'll see what you say). If you stay in the room long enough you will pay more than the education package! I guess I am figuring that you could have figured it out before that crossover of expenses happens after 18 months of room fees.

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