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That is correct--this is the amount that I have spent (in excess of that and now with Alpha closer to 40K) since I started to day-trade in Feb 2008 on all software and trading rooms. I thought that I could always find a better software package, indicators and/or a trading room where I could win by taking their trades; however, as most who have been down this route can attest too--this is a losing proposition.

Until Alla, all the trading rooms wanted to sell their software and indicators. I do not think most (if any) actually traded for a living, but lived off newbies searching for the Holy Grail.

I could name those software packages I have tried and the trading rooms that I have been in; however, I am not going to go there: the reason is because their are traders who state they can use those methods and no doubt there are; however, I believe that they have incorprated other things they know and experience to be successful---experience and time in the market is the best teacher.

Once I got rid of all those indacators and learned price structure with candlestick patterns, then I became successful too.

Trading is the most difficult undertaking I have ever attempted. I have been highly successful in all my life endeavors until trading.

To be successful in trading, just about everything you learned to succeed in life has to be ignored. This was the most difficult part for me to do and I still struggle at times because I believed that one could always be successful as long as you gathered the facts/information; assimilated, analyzed and synthesized that information; and then used inductive and/or deductive reasoning to arrive at a good decision. This does not work in trading and it is difficult to accept that you will make wrong decisions at times in trading--especially when life has taught you how successful you have been in the past by using the aforementioned method.

You should start a journal with trades to help hold yourself accountable for breaking your bad habits.

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