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I am a trader who bought the course. After spending over $35K on software, indicators and trading rooms, I can state that this is the first one that has really taught me a method that actually works. You must get the setups and 2 basic rules down and you can win in excess of 75% of your trades. I win in excess of 85% of mine by takng only the best setups. She teaches you how to use price action only. I have not had a losing day in a couple weeks; and have only been trading her system for about 2 months. This past week I had one BE day and all winning days other than that one BE day. When I had losing days--it was not the what she taught me, but reverting to my old style of trying to catch the top or bottom. When I use patience and wait for a setup, by what she teaches, I win over 85% of the time. I have been working hard to break some of my old habits and this past week I did not revert to any of them. I took only the trades she teaches. I am improving all the time. I am overly cautious now to assure that I do not revert to my old habits and miss some trades that I see too late. I will not chase them anymore. When I did earlier (again my old habit) I would have a losing day more often than not.

So if you have discipline to trade only her setups, her method is a winner. Hope this helps some of you.

She is a smart foreign broad, ain't she? If I was ever going to get married, I would marry a chick who earned and worked hard; so I could spend some of her money~~you know, so she knew I cared about her and stuff, eh?

Discipline & rule-based issues? Check out this blog post. I commented in there as 'hedvig' as well.

How Often Do You Break the Rules? | PopDoc Trader

Work on your old habit issues every day for 20 minutes (meditate on it--seriously); you'll come out the other side an AWESOMELY consistent trader. Trading is boring to me {though I appreciate it more each year}. Treat it like a very high-paying job & then concentrate on at least 2 other passions outside of trading; you'll be a better trader and a better man for it.



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