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new to forex?

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Playing a bit of devils advocate, but if you are currently in the beginning stages of being successful with futures, why would you want to wander into another category of trading where your success is unknown?

I know the question was for the OP, but thought I'd like to chip in. Forex and Currency Futures pretty much look the same. EUR/USD and the 6E is not exact to the tick but it's pretty much exactly the same behavior and price action. With Forex one can size down fractionally much smaller than a futures contract. Generally the spread of the bid/ask can be much wider than a typical future spread but it's also on a relatively small size basis. And Forex has the historical retail trading problem of being much less regulated with a lot of cases of independent broker spread manipulation , stutter/delay tactics and other shenanigans since the market goes through Interbank and not a more regulated futures exchange center. Supposedly that's improving though and there should be much more reputable Forex brokers today. A size analogy could be forex as penny slots and futures as dollar slots. Although one could size up on forex (like today's videogame "slots") as well , and some do trade big solely on Forex.

An example of 6E futures and EUR/USD Forex side by side on ThinkorSwim at smallest available size of each. So one can see EUR/USD can be traded at 1/12th the size of 6E for lunch money:

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