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Trading the Jam way

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Completely different...? don't think so

I think it's more fine tuning of a good sound methodology. Whatever can improve results on an already profitable system I think is the duty of the vendor. The upgrades are fantastic and complement what you have already been doing for years. I've been following JAM over the past few years and watched it all come together. Is it really a problem to be better as time passes, I think not. It's a very powerful system that you can optimize to your own style, whether it be intraday trading or swing trading. Advanced higher time analysis is just the icing on the cake. Some great customized indicators that have evolved from experienced trader knowledge have made this one a no brainer. Should check it out if you haven't seen what's going on lately. Sound money management, setups by the rules, established trading plans, etc. very nice.... Well done Jam!

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