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Viper Trading Systems Indicator

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I think Zoethecus summed it up accurately, slippage is the problem. Accuracy is lost when the live and reloaded charts get out of sync.

When using the russell autotrader live, my entries were off 2-5 ticks from the reloaded chart. If the reloaded chart hit it's first target then headed in the other direction and hit breakeven then it's looking for another trade, but I'm still in the trade.

One day I was stopped out in around 10 seconds. The script fired a long trade, then the price started dropping very quickly. The reloaded chart fired a reverse while the price was dropping, but in live trading it didn't reverse. I was stopped out and the reloaded chart was still in the trade.

To be fair, some days the charts do sync up pretty closely.

I knew that slippage was an issue, but I didn't realize it was to that extent. I guess the thin market and the rapid movements of the TF both work against you. My recharted backtest of the RussellsViper showed it to be the best of the bad. In reality, it probably had even greater drawdowns.


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