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Viper Trading Systems Indicator

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On a 24 hour period, or even a few days, NT doesn't have material historical data errors for tick or range charts, but going back as little as a week it can. Time charts don't have such an issue.

The SIM refresh that Viper employs to post its daily results are the ideal prices the system would have fired the trade.

The killer is slippage.

Although I can't confirm it, Viper once had about 250 paid subscribers after the Russell was released. Who knows how many were trading live, but if half were at the two contract level, that's 250 contracts firing AT THE MARKET and the Russell simply can't handle that sort of demand without prices shooting away from the AT original entry; it's simply way to thin and at times only less than 50 contracts are available on a side.

Thus, live traders had much worse results than the hypothetical Viper results.

How can the historical data get that polluted? Isn't it saved as it is collected and available thereafter?

Maybe there's a business opportunity here... I've heard it said that reliable accurate timely data is the last frontier of retail trading. (After a charting platform that doesn't choke).

I agree slippage will change backtested results for the worse. That means my historical-data-produced backtest of Viper's ATs are the best case scenarios. Yikes!

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